Connector Tools

Contact Retention Tools

RUSSTECH’s unique RTCRT ™ contact retention tools are used to test the assembly status of crimp-type removable contacts in a broad range of connector types. Each tool features a double ended test probe that can test both pin and socket contacts. A patented, preset release mechanism leaves contacts unharmed yet forces them out of the connector if they are not properly inserted. This mechanism is factory set with a precision test force and is not user adjustable.

Positive Insertion Tools

Insertion tooling that makes an positive impact on your bottom line. RUSSTECH introduces a true revolution to the process of inserting contacts with the RTPIT ™ Positive-Impact Insertion Tool. The RTPIT series tooling incorporates our patented mechanism that trips at a preset force assuring the contact is fully seated. Our customers report a significant reduction in unseated contacts after implementing this remarkable tool. One global wire harness manufacturer states, “it’s the closest we can get to calibrating a person.” The tool uses an ergonomic insertion handle with interchangeable tips to suit most applications. The tool grip is padded and is provided with a color coded cap for easy identification.